Your Halloween Horoscope Is Here

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Halloween 2020 is a Halloween like no other. For one, of course, we’re still in a pandemic. But besides adding a matching mask to this year’s costume, this year’s Halloween doubles as a day of spooky fun and the rare Blue Full Moon in Taurus, the second powerful Full Moon this month.
With the Blue Full Moon in security-driven and affectionate Taurus reaching its peak and opposing the sultry and secretive Sun in Scorpio at around 10:50 AM EST on October 31, Halloween morning begins with a jolt.
Uranus, the planet of innovation and change, will challenge the Sun in Scorpio around 11:53 AM EST, so you can anticipate  being greeted with an unexpected trick-or-treat surprise bright and early — nothing will go as planned.
Rather than having solid plans for Halloween this year, loosen up and try to go with the flow. With the Moon waxing full in Venus-ruled Taurus until November 1, think comfort, intimacy, and close friends. Save the big parties and witch circles for another year.

March 21 to April 19

If you are tempted to go all out for Halloween this year, Aries, reconsider. The rare Blue Full Moon in Taurus is urging you to minimize and think sustainably. With the…


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