White Man Charged With Hate Crime After Allegedly Attacking Black Teen With Bike Lock, Yelling 'Black Lives Don't Matter'

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A white man in Michigan allegedly launched a verbal attack against a group of Black teenagers before striking one of them in the face with a chain bike lock.

According to The Washington Post, the incident happened when Devin Freelon Jr. and his two friends were listening to music in the parking lot of a waterfront park in Monroe County, Mich.

Lee James Mouat was allegedly annoyed by the volume of the music when he walked towards the teenagers in the parking lot on June 6 and yelled at them, saying “n****rs don’t belong on this beach” and “Black lives don’t matter.”

The 42-year-old then grabbed a bike lock and struck Freelon in the face, knocking out several of his teeth and breaking his jaw, witnesses said.

Federal prosecutors charged Mouat with a hate crime, accusing him of “willfully causing bodily injury to an African-American teenager because of the teenager’s race.” 

“While D.F. retrieved a portable speaker from a vehicle, Mouat yelled racial slurs at D.F.’s two friends, who were also African American teenagers,” prosecutors said in the complaint filed on Tuesday. “As D.F. walked over to his friends with the portable speaker, he noticed Mouat walking quickly…


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