US Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett Does Not Believe The N-Word Makes A Work Environment Abusive

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Amy Coney Barrett, the federal judge nominated by President Donald Trump to fill the Supreme Court seat of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, is under fire for her conservative—and racist—views.

On Oct. 11, the Associated Press published a report on several of her rulings, which included stances on abortion, guns, voting rights and more. One of the most notable ones concerns the use of the n-word in the work space, which she determined did not “[create] a hostile or abusive working environment.”  

Barrett did say the word was an “egregious racial epithet,” but that she did not believe the word being spoken in the work space was enough to win a case. She then added that the Black plaintiff“introduced no evidence that [the defendent’s] use of the n-word changed his subjective experience of the workplace.”

Many are sounding off on Twitter about the ruling, especially given the fact that Barrett has two adopted Black children.

Sen. Booker: Ms Barrett, you said that a boss saying the N word wasn't necessarily evidence of a hostile work environment, why?Barrett: The black guy didn't prove that his boss said the N word the wrong way…

👀👀 Raven (@iamJxWoods) October 13, 2020


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