Trump’s fake news crisis, illustrated by two episodes over the last 24 hours

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Trump speaks in North Carolina on Thursday. | Peter Zay/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Savannah Guthrie criticized Trump for acting like a “crazy uncle” online. He wasted no time proving her point.

Two embarrassing episodes over the past 24 hours highlighted the depth of President Donald Trump’s credibility crisis as time runs short for him to turn around his flailing reelection campaign.

From refusing to denounce an absurd, obviously false online conspiracy theory during a high-profile town hall on NBC to retweeting a satirical website as if it’s breaking news, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell if Trump can separate fact from fiction.

While Trump campaigns on misleading messages about the coronavirus (which he insists is going away despite rising case numbers) and the economy (which he says is strong even as he’s poised to become the first president in modern history to oversee a net shrinkage in jobs), he’s behaving online like that far-right family member we’ve all had to mute on Facebook. And he doesn’t feel any shame about it.

At this late date, everyone, whether they’re on social media or not, understands that Trump isn’t above…


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