Trey Songz Drops New Single “Two Ways”

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Trey Songz is torn by love in his newly released single “Two Ways.” The R&B crooner makes it clear that he is done with the relationship, however he can’t seem to let go.

Got my mind made up and I can’t do this no more / But somehow you got me so unsure / It goes two ways in love / Can’t be the one chasin’ us / All my money and time, I can’t spend it no more / Can’t be myself if I can’t be yours

Along with a brand new song, Trey also announced that he will be dropping his new album Back Home on October 9. The singer had this to say about the project, which is now available for pre-order.

“I wanna make the kind of R&B that inspired me to sing. The songs that makes you love, the ones that make cry and the ones that make you smile, laugh and dance,” he stated. “Music is the soundtrack that plays while we live our lives, and I wanna be there for my fans while they are living through this truly special time that we’ll never forget. I say I’m Back Home because the music feels that way. I hope you feel the same.”

Executive produced by Troy Taylor, the album will feature 22 tracks, including his duet with Summer Walker, as well as the powerful “2020 Riots: How…


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