Take A First Look At Zoe Kravitz As Catwoman

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Every few years, the Catwoman character finds it way back to the big screen with a new actress and usually one that is adored by many. Most notably, Halle Berry played the character in 2004 in its own stand alone film and actress Zoe Kravitz is next up to play the iconic role.

The star will appear in the newest Batman film set to release sometime in 2022 according to British Vogue. Due to pandemic, there was sure to be some pushback but the cast was spotted filming earlier this week and Kravitz gave us a sneak peak on what’s to come from Catwoman’s sultry wardrobe.

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the first pictures of zoe kravitz as selina kyle are here and ohmygod???£)&)£€)£&&((?

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In a chic leather combo, Kravitz was spotted walking down the stairs in a trench coat, lacy stockings, and tied-up boots. The star paired it with a matching fascinator hat to top the outfit off. While catwoman is sure to pull out a skin-tight cat suit at some point in the movie, this look is equally as eye catching.

There is no official date on when the new film will be released, but here’s the trailer to keep you company.

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