Tag Yourself In Trump’s Twitter Rant: Are You Voting For SPACE FORCE! Or LAW & ORDER!

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Who among us haven’t taken to Twitter to rage-tweet our way through 2020? On Monday morning, President Donald Trump, who is currently being hospitalized at Walter Reed Medical Center for COVID-19, sent a series of all-caps tweets urging Americans to vote for him because of… Space Force (among other things). In a kind very obvious move to distract from the fact that he purposefully downplayed a global pandemic that killed over 210,000 Americans (and mocked people for wearing masks), the president mystified everyone on Twitter with his latest “VOTE!” series. It seems Trump is succumbing to the boredom and isolation of his luxurious, top-of-the-line hospital stay. 

“PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH (BRING OUR SOLDIERS HOME). VOTE!” one inexplicable tweet read. “FIGHT THE CORRUPT FAKE NEWS MEDIA. VOTE!” read another. Trump also attempted to appeal to those who value “law and order” — yes, the same Trump who brags about swindling his way out of paying taxes. Last week, before the White House became a COVID-19 hotzone, The New York Times revealed that in 2016 the self-proclaimed billionaire paid a measly $750 in federal taxes, and $0 in 10 of the 15 previous…


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