Polls show Trump is losing ground where the coronavirus is surging

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A demonstrator stands outside of a campaign rally with Vice President Mike Pence at Weldall Manufacturing on October 13 in Waukesha, Wisconsin — one of the states with the highest rate of new coronavirus infections. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Will the latest Covid-19 wave seal Trump’s fate in the election?

The third — and largest — coronavirus wave is hitting the US just in time for the presidential election, with surges in key Midwestern swing states. Numerous polls suggest voters may be taking their pandemic pain and panic with them to the ballot boxes in these places: President Donald Trump isn’t just down in national polls — he’s faring especially poorly in battlegrounds where infection rates are spiking.

Over the last two weeks, the coronavirus case count in Wisconsin — where Trump won by a single percentage point in 2016 — has jumped 36 percent, to an average of 4,200 new infections per day. And that’s just among the people who’ve been diagnosed. The test positivity rate in the state is a staggering 28 percent, according to Covidexitstrategy.org, and health officials have already had to transform the state fair park into a field hospital to…


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