Kristen Bell Can’t Get High Anymore: “I’m Always Around My Kids”

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One minute and six seconds into meeting Kristen Bell, she asks me if I have a system for peeing in the car on long road trips. “I ask to pee in the car a lot, especially during COVID, because I’m not messing with public restrooms right now, OK?” she says to me in her signature chipper deadpan. “And my husband is like, ‘Honey, please don’t.’ So I recently bought a couple of devices off Amazon, one of them’s called a Shenis, and you cup them around you so you can aim better. They’re amazing.”

That kind of unfiltered candor has come to define Bell’s unique brand of celebrity. No topics are off limits for the star, who doesn’t shy away from sharing her challenges as a parent or what it’s like to live with anxiety and depression. “I live by this mantra, a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. I say it to myself every morning, and it works throughout the day. I don’t have to feel inferior unless I’m consenting. Not for my kids or my husband or my friends or the media or the industry or anything,” she says. When critics slammed her for admitting to occasionally using recreational marijuana


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