It’s a great time to be an X-Men fan (again)

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X of Swords | Marvel/Larraz

X of Swords proves that the X-Men don’t need the MCU for a great storyline.

Halfway into the first issue of Marvel’s new X of Swords storyline, I realized two things: that X of Swords is the next great adventure the X-Men deserve, and that even though I have no idea what is going to happen next, I’m kinda scared all my faves are going to die.

The X-Men are preparing for the battle of their lives. Yes, they’ve been fighting for decades against Sentinels, religious zealots, supervillains, and whatever else the comics have thrown at them. But this time, they’re going up against foes whose capabilities we don’t even know.

Essentially, the 10 most powerful mutants — armed with 10 mythical blades — will go up against 10 villainous champions, winner take all. The X-Men are fighting to preserve their mutant utopia, while their adversaries look to kill and conquer.

Death is inevitable, and no one is safe.

Pronounced “Ten of Swords” — like the tarot card it referencesX of Swords dramatically flips the X-Men’s status quo at a time when it only recently started feeling safe to be an X-Men fan again. I say again because…


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