In The Hands Of The People: 3 Steps To Begin The Process Of Resolving Issues In Our Communities

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At the Republican National Convention (RNC), Tim Scott — the sole African American GOP Senator — gave a speech that resonated. In it, the Senator made a profound statement that was intended to cast aspersions on House Democrats for refusing to vote on his Police Reform Bill. I believe that, inadvertently, Senator Scott encapsulated our entire political climate today.

“… they wanted the issue more than the solution.”

As it pertains to police brutality, this statement rings true and it is deafening. As Black American lives are ransacked by over-policing and excessive force, politicians on both sides use it as political capital to be cashed in with their constituents. This was abundantly clear as Republicans introduced the Justice Act, Democrats introduced their Justice in Policing Act, and President Trump, under pressure, issued an executive order on policing. Nevertheless, nothing substantial materialized.

It now falls upon the people to resolve the issues in the community. To start there are three things…


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