Amy Coney Barrett’s Identity As A White, Christian Mother Is A Shield — & A Weapon

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After nearly a week of Senate hearings for Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, we’ve gotten several viral moments from the experience, but nothing near the outrage that characterized the Brett Kavanaugh hearings several years ago. Yes, some people were taken aback when Barrett held up a blank notepad after being asked what notes she was using to answer questions. And, true, many were incensed when she could not list all five of the First Amendment freedoms (something asked on the citizenship test, and which people can be denied citizenship for not knowing). And there was a lot of consternation when Barrett refused to answer a question about whether presidents should commit to a peaceful transfer of power. But, mostly, pointed criticism of Barrett has been muted — which is exactly what Trump and Republicans assumed would happen, and why they nominated a candidate who could hide behind the shield of white motherhood.

The harshest critiques of Barrett have been leveled at her by left-leaning Democrats, and have centered around her lack of knowledge regarding the basics of the Constitution and how the legal system works, but…


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