SOURCE SPORTS: Devin Booker Wants to Leave Phoenix?

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Devin Booker wouldn’t say it right now, but he may want out of Phoenix.

Ryen Russillo, an NBA analyst for The Ringer, joined The Bill Simmons Podcast for an episode that was published on Tuesday. In the episode, the two discussed the urgency to improve that some teams may feel. 

The hosts were talking about the Suns when Russillo said there is some urgency due to Booker’s situation.

“They have to worry about the Booker thing. The worst-kept secret in the league is Booker already wants out of there,” Russillo said around the 1:04 mark. “And if it’s another bad season, I actually think that could get ugly.”

The Suns went 8-0 in the NBA Bubble, so they have a lot of momentum to build upon for next season. However, after years of losing and no clear direction for the franchise, Booker could soon ask for a trade out of Phoenix.

Booker lobbied the Suns to pursue D’Angelo Russell during the 2019 offseason and has been connected to possibly playing with his close friends Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns at some point. Russell and Towns currently play together in Minnesota.

This season will be a telling one for Booker and the Suns. After the great…


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