WH chief of staff Mark Meadows refused to address reporters over mask

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Mark Meadows has repeatedly chosen not to wear masks despite the risk of COVID-19

Reporters were literally taken back when White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows took off his mask at a recent press conference.

Reporters were on Capitol Hill on Monday when Meadows took off his mask as he started to address the crowd per a video caught by White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor. Before he removed his mask, he was seen pulling away from the group and saying, “I’m at least 10 feet away.” A reporter is heard gasping and saying, “oh,” as he removed the face mask.

Video of Capitol Hill reporters insisting WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadows wear a mask while talking with them and Meadows deciding he won’t talk to reporters if he has to wear a mask. pic.twitter.com/kDX10BLDnk

— Yamiche Alcindor (@Yamiche) October 12, 2020

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He grew frustrated, placed his mask back on and said “I’m not going to talk through a mask,” and walked away. But Meadows is known for not wearing a mask despite the threat of COVID-19 which is an easily transmittable disease. At his daughter’s May wedding in Atlanta,…


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