Twitter Responds to NBC Scheduling a Trump Town Hall at the Same Time as Biden’s Town Hall on ABC

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Originally, tonight would have been the second presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger and former Vice President Joe Biden. Due to Trump contracting the coronavirus, a virtual debate was planned. When Trump refused, the debate was canceled.

Biden’s team opted to do a town hall on ABC (Thursday, 8 p.m.) to replace the original debate. On Wednesday, Trump decided to hold a town hall of his own on rival station NBC at the same time as Biden’s event, making voters decide which town hall they wanted to witness.

This caused a virtual uproar as voters, television executives, politicians, and just about anyone with a voice has condemned NBC for giving into Trump’s ego to compete directly against Biden.

Twitter responded: #NBCBlackout and #NBCBoycott started to trend on the social media platform.


Want to participate in the #NBCBlackout?

AVOID: these channels airing the trump Town Hall:@NBC, @MSNBC, @CNBC, and @NBCUTelemundo.

INSTEAD: watch Joe Biden on @ABC at 8PM ET.


— BrooklynDad_Defiant! (@mmpadellan) October 15, 2020

NBC and all their employees who didn’t walk out of…


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