Pennslyvania Lt. governor’s wife called N-word during grocery store run

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‘I love love love this country but we are so deeply divided.’

Gisele Barreto Fetterman, the Second Lady of Pennsylvania and wife of lieutenant governor John Fetterman, was accosted by a racist white woman while buying groceries on Sunday. 

Fetterman shared video of the harrowing encounter on social media, noting that the incident occurred during a store run to buy some kiwis. According to a Washington Post report, state troopers usually accompany Fetterman when running errands, but on this particular day she chose to go herself.

Fetterman claims the irate woman recognized her while she was shopping and began to verbally attack her.

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“She said, ‘There’s that n-word that Fetterman married. You don’t belong here. No one wants you here. You don’t belong here,’” Barreto told the publication.

When the rude woman followed Fetterman out to the parking lot, she captured some of her racist remarks on her cell phone camera – including being called the n-word. It’s worth noting that Fetterman is of Brazilian descent. Watch the moment via the Twitter video below.

*TRIGGER WARNING* I love love love this country…


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