New Biden Ads Emphatically Answer Trump’s Question To Black Voters: ‘What Do You Have To Lose’

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While much of the recent attention by candidates has been focused on securing support from Black men voters, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris‘ presidential campaign on Wednesday released a trio of new ads targeting all Black voters, but especially Black women, a group that has long been called the backbone of the Democratic Party.

Even though one of the ads addressed Donald Trump‘s infamous question he posed to Black people four years ago — “What do you have to lose” by voting for him? — all three of them more than answered it.

One of the new ads is entitled “Life or Death” and emphasizes the compounded consequences for Black women, in particular, if Trump is re-elected. It featured a number of Black women addressing everything that’s gone wrong for them under a Trump administration as well as highlighting solutions to those problems that have been championed by the Biden-Harris campaign.

The ad, which features multiple Black women whose voices are all spliced to comprise full sentences, points out how voting “has now become a life or death decision.” After citing the proliferation of scourges like the coronavirus, police violence, systemic racism and gender bias on Trump’s watch,…


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