Democrats outnumber Republicans in Florida’s mail-in votes so far

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The Florida Division of Election reports that 49% of mail-in ballots are from Democrats

As Americans have been urged to vote early and mail-in ballots have been put under the microscope, early results in Florida reveal that Democrats have an early edge on Republicans as the November 3 election draws closer. The Florida Division of Elections reports that 49 percent of the mail-in ballots are from Democrats and more than 30 percent are from Republicans thus far.

The Division of Elections shows that 2,423,573 Florida citizens have mailed in the ballots for the forthcoming election as of Saturday, October 17. Of those ballots, 1,190,508 came from Democrats compared to only 730,123 that have come from Republicans. The remaining 502, 942 mail-in ballots came from other parties or were non-party affiliates.

Ballot envelopes sit in a box at the King County Elections headquarters earlier this month. (Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

These statistics show that more people have used mail-in ballots for the November 3 election that they did for the August primaries, which was 2,342,751 votes.

With Florida being a swing state, such an early saturation of Democrats voting early by…


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