Data Shows Older Black Voters In Key Battleground States Have Already Made Election History

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There were already reports showing that Black voters have been casting their ballots early in record numbers, but now we have a little bit more data about who exactly among them is fueling this outpouring of electoral activity. According to the top executive at a political analytics firm, older Black voters are not just making a serious difference, but they’re also doing so to historic proportions in key battleground states that are crucial to the election’s outcome.

The data provides a unique snapshot of a portion of one of the most coveted voting demographics as both Joe Biden and Donald Trump continue their relentless courting of Black voters up until the 11th hour with just five days before the presidential election.

The reason why Black voters are so important this time around is simple: The number of Black voters plunged in 2016, arguably helping to deliver — but not necessarily to blame for — Trump’s election. The working logic is that if more Black voters — who are disproportionately registered Democrats — participate this time around, Trump will be a one-term president.

While it’s obviously way too early to be making any real concrete predictions like that, Tom Bonier,…


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