The Role of Giving in Supporting Equitable Remote Education

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Giving Compass’ Take:

• Patricia McIlreavy offers donors three steps to support equitable remote education and prevent the learning gap from growing any wider during coronavirus.

•What might be the multi-generational impact of the digital divide during remote learning? What are you doing today to support equitable remote education?

• Read about centering equity in remote learning

The achievement gap in education is well-documented. Lofty goals to leave no one behind have attempted to remedy the disparities, yet a proposed solution focused on school testing left out the real socio-economic factors impacting student learning.

The approaches to managing educational needs during the pandemic follow a similar pattern of misdiagnosis. There has been a heavy focus on returning to school, and not enough on the community needs of the most vulnerable children. Last year, there were more than 20 million students eligible for free or reduced-price meals at school. There are sure to be more now, with the severe economic crisis hitting more families and pushing them into financial and food insecurities. Research shows that missed meals and hunger impair a child’s ability to…


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