Amy Cooper falsely claimed Chris Cooper ‘tried to assault’ her, prosecutors say

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In her second 911 call, the woman told more lies about Central Park birdwatcher Christian Cooper.

Amy Cooper, the woman at the center of the Central Park birdwatching case, allegedly made a second call to 911 in which she alleged that a Black birdwatcher “tried to assault her.” 

The confrontation between Amy Cooper and Christian Cooper (no relation) occurred in May when Mr. Cooper asked Ms. Cooper to leash her dog in an area where canines were required to be on a leash. 

Amy Cooper (left), the woman at the center of May’s controversial Central Park birdwatching case, allegedly made a second call to 911 in which she claimed she was assaulted by Chris Cooper (right).

In a now-viral video captured by him, Ms. Cooper drew international scorn after being recorded as she called 911 complaining untruthfully that an “African American man” was threatening and harassing her. 

She was later charged with a misdemeanor count of falsely reporting an incident in the third degree.

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In her first court appearance Wednesday, prosecutors revealed that Ms. Cooper made a second call to 911 falsely claiming that Mr. Cooper…


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