Michigan man accused of fracturing Black teen’s jaw with lock: ‘Black lives don’t matter’

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Lee James Mouat, who allegedly hurled the N-word, faces the possibility of 10 years in prison on a federal hate charge

A Michigan man is facing a federal hate charge after allegedly fracturing a Black teen’s jaw with a lock and declaring that “Black lives don’t matter.”

Lee James Mouat, 42, is alleged to have hit a Black teen with a bike lock which not only fractured his teeth but broke his jaw, Buzzfeed reports. The 18-year-old has only been identified as D.F.

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A criminal complaint filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan declared that Mouat was charged on Tuesday with one count of willfully causing bodily injury to the victim because of his race. The incident in question took place on June 6 when Mouat approached the teenager and his friends who are also Black in a parking lot at William C. Sterling State Park in Monroe, per the affidavit.

Sterling State Park in Monroe (Credit: Matt Taylor/Flickr/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: matt_devicious)

Mouat is accused of hurling racial slurs and told the group of Black teenagers that they had no…


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