Black man led via rope by Texas police on horseback files $1M suit

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Donald Neely, who has bipolar disorder, is seeking financial remedy after being humiliated by police.

A Black man who was led on foot by police officers on horseback has filed a lawsuit in the hopes it never again happens to anyone else.

Donald Neely, 44, is suing the city of Galveston, Texas and its police department for more than $1 million, according to CNN.

Donald Neely (left) is suing the Galveston Police Department for $1 million after its officers, on horseback, led him down the street via rope after an arrest. (Galveston Police Dept.)

Photos of Neely being walked by the officers resembled images of slavery, his suit claims, and his attorney said officers should have known better.

The lawsuit says: “(Officers) knew or should have believed that Neely — being a black man — being led with a rope and by mounted officers down a city street as though he was a slave, would find this contact offensive.” It adds, “Many individuals stopped, stared and asked questions. Neely felt as though he was put on display as slaves once were.”

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Neely’s attorney, Julie Ketterman, says…


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