MAYO Shows His Versatility With His New Single “All In”

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Falling into the genre of RnB, hip hop, rap, and pop, MAYO is a diverse artist who can easily meld into any genre he puts his mind to. He feels that music should not be limiting and that it’s all about the vibe that you get in production. His music is known for the thrilling emotions it conveys and the heartfelt lyrics. His fans have found his music to be savory, fulfilling, and tasteful with a sweetness that draws the attention of the listeners. It’s a quality that MAYO takes great pride in. He initially started making music because he was a fan of TI, the rapper, and how TI made rap look amazing. MAYO eventually discovered that his cousin was rapping, and it encouraged him to try it out. He took the medium naturally, and it felt like he was answering a calling. It is allowed him to make music that speaks volumes. It has also earned him comparisons to other artists like Drake, Jadakiss, J. Cole. MAYO takes it as a huge compliment but is working on having his own unique sound. As a performer, he’s still new but has opened sets for Ace Hood, Rocko, Kia Shine, OTB Fastlane, El Hitta, and Korporate. Living in Murphysboro, Il, MAYO’s latest release is ALL IN. Currently,…


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