Designer Perri Furbert Talks About Selling Over $20,000 Worth of Sunglasses in 40 Minutes and Her Journey to Success

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Designer and stylist Perri Furbert, founder of Gold, The Label, went on Instagram Live to express her gratitude after sales for her new Zion sunglass collection came pouring in through her Shopify store. Within 10 minutes, she says she received over 100 orders. By the 20-minute mark, she crossed $10,000 in sales and by the 40-minute mark, she surpassed $20,000.

From media personality Charlamagne Tha God wearing one of her “Girlfriends” tees on The Breakfast Club to Ayesha Curry cooking in one of her hoodies, Furbert’s brand has been catching the eyes of many celebrities. Gold, The Label has been doing incredibly well and many in the industry are starting to take notice. On the outside looking in, however, it’s easy to assess Furbert’s success as an overnight sensation. This, however, could not be further from the truth.

It’s Called A Come-Up For A Reason 

As a self-proclaimed, “ratchet, righteous, dreamer and doer,” the 30-year-old Bermuda-born designer has been grinding hard for over a decade. Born and raised on the Caribbean island known for its beautiful pink sand, Furbert has taken advantage of unique opportunities not often in the grasp of a small island…


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