This Black Man Graduated With His Ph.D. After Being Expelled From 10 Schools

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The pursuit of higher education looks different for each person—with so many barriers standing in the way of obtaining a college degree for many marginalized groups. One man was able to beat all of the odds from his upbringing and is now celebrating earning his Ph.D.

As a child, Dr. Tommie Mabry was expelled from 10 different schools all before entering high school. Fast forward to December 2019, he was able to celebrate a huge milestone, finally obtaining his Ph.D. after a difficult journey of pursuing his education.

“My mom and dad [have] all my books in their house, they’re proud and they’ve come to all my graduations. Hopefully, if God says the same, they will be there at my Ph.D. graduation in December,” Mabry told Because Of Them We Can. “My mom said she didn’t think I would make it and now [I’m] the only doctor she knows.”

Mabry credits playing basketball for giving him direction and providing him more opportunities at a better life leading him to pursue college. “I start playing basketball, and Tupac’s lawyer, Chokwe Lumumba, he took me on the road with him and exposed me to AAU Basketball. I credit AAU for saving my life,” Mabry said.

“Going on the road with him, I…


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