Louisville police union president says cops ‘were justified’ in Breonna Taylor shooting

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During a new interview, the Louisville police union president declared his belief that the cops had reason to pull the trigger in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor

Louisville police union president Ryan Nichols sat down with Gayle King for an interview about Breonna Taylor’s shooting death.

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“A tragedy did, in fact, happen. A police officer was critically injured, a young woman was fatally injured. And, you know, the long, thorough investigation ensued … and that’s the process that should happen,” Nichols said in an interview that aired Thursday.

Ryan Nichols, the president of the Fraternal Order of Police chapter that represents the Louisville Metro Police Department (Credit: CBS News)

During the conversation, he addressed the different aspects of the controversial case including conflicting police reports, and the story shared by Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker. King asked Nichols about the police responding to Walker’s one warning shot with 32 of their own. The police union president responded that his officers did the correct thing.

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