WATCH: What You Need To Know — October 14, 2020: 8 Million Covid-19 Cases — Faith Leaders Opposing Trump — ABC Travel Green Book

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1. Supreme Court Nominee Hearing

2. Group of Faith Leaders From Both Sides of the Aisle Form Super PAC Opposing Trump

What You Need To Know:

During this crucial point in the presidential election, leaders of the Christian faith are stepping up and using their influence to persuade fellow Trump-supporting Christians to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

3. Coronavirus Update: As Election Day Nears, U.S. Braces for 8 Million Covid-19 Cases

What You Need To Know:

With just 22 days until Election Day, the pandemic continues to grow in the U.S., quickly approaching eight million confirmed infections. Cases are on the rise in 39 states and only three are seeing fewer cases.

4. The ‘ABC Travel Green Book’ Inspires Black Travelers to Get Out and Go

What You Need To Know:

The global pandemic has put the brakes on international travel, but as the scripture says, this too shall pass. When the world reopens, be ready with the ABC Travel Green Book, a guide to modern-day Black tourism.

5. Atlanta’s Federal Reserve President Sounds Policy Impact Alarm On Racial Wealth Gap

What You Need To Know:

Atlanta Federal Reserve Chief Raphael Bostic is sounding the alarm on the…


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